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Buggy 2 seats - 4h buggy tour To drive - Over 18 with car license
Buggy 4 seats - 4h buggy tour To drive - Over 18 with car license

Join our exclusive Buggy Tour “Wild Monkey: Secrets of the North”

Get ready for an adrenaline-filled journey of discovery with our exclusive Buggy Tour “Wild Monkey: Secrets of the North”! From Cala Bona, wind your way through the picturesque roads of Mallorca in a modern and comfortable buggy.

Your adventure begins in the heart of the fishing village of Cala Bona, where you will relive the thrill of driving under the Balearic sun. You’ll pass through the characteristic Mediterranean landscape and the vibrant centre of Artà, where you’ll capture the majesty of the Sant Salvador Sanctuary. Continue your journey as you get to know the essence of Mallorca in its purest form.
The natural viewpoint of La Ermita de Betlem offers you not only a place to rest, but also a natural platform to observe the breathtaking views that the north coast of the island has to offer. Take a moment to rest, take spectacular photos and admire the magnificent scenery stretching towards the horizon, reminding you that the real adventure is the land you explore. This is the perfect time for anyone who wants to change drivers.

The adventure continues to a hidden gem: an untouched cove where the sea breeze and the song of the waves will be your soundtrack. Dive into the crystal clear waters, capture the scenic beauty or simply relax in the serenity of the hidden paradise.

Before concluding this spectacular trip, you will stop briefly at the Capdepera lighthouse. Although we won’t get out of the buggy, you’ll be able to take postcard-perfect selfies with the breathtaking views of distant Menorca, creating a memory for eternity.

With your heart full of new stories and your camera full of indelible memories, you will return to Cala Bona, where you started this extraordinary odyssey. This is where our promise of an unforgettable experience is fulfilled and where you will surely start planning your next great adventure with us.

Book your seat now on Monkey Adventures: Secrets of the North and be part of this unique excursion – the seat of adventure awaits you, let us take you there!